Antiseptic alum block (stick)

Antiseptic alum block (stick)
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Natural hypo-allergenic antiseptic. Heals small cuts, relieves irritation, soothes and moisturizes skin after shaving. Soak the Alum Block in cold water and apply it on wet skin. 30-60 seconds after application rinse your face with cold water. Can be used instead of aftershave. Alum Block especially recommended for oily skin. It creates thin film of mineral salts on the skin surface that kills germs and fungus, prevents acne and improves skin tone.

Technical characteristics:

  • Weight: 60 g.
  • No expiration date.
  • Brend: HomeLikeShaving (Russia, Omsk).

Tags: Shave cosmetics, Antiseptic alum block

Это мой первый крово-блок. Да, он работает.

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