FULL KIT DE razor "START" (polished)

FULL KIT DE razor "START" (polished)
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Description - FULL KIT DE razor "START" (polished)

«HomeLikeShaving» is proud to offer you the result of our cooperation with engineers, shave enthusiast, people interested in the development of wet shaving, the Brand new DE razor "START". Taking into account individual peculiarities, type and skin condition, stubbles, we propose different "START" DE razor parameters by changing the plate type. In the range of distance from 0.69 up to 1.18 between the plate and the DE blade which covers all the requirements bigger part of the users.

Technical characteristics:

  • Lower plate aggression "GAP": 0.69, 0.90, 0.90 (open comb), 1.18 мм,
  • Material: stainless steel AISI 316,
  • Size of the Upper plate (cap): 43.2 mm x 19 mm,
  • Size of the Lower plate: 43.2 mm х 25.5 mm,
  • Handle size: length 82 mm, diameter 12 mm,
  • Weight of the razor: 105 gramm,
  • Coating: polished,
  • Brand: HomeLikeShaving (Russia, Omsk).


  1. Upper plate (cap) - 1 item,
  2. Lower plate (0.69, 0.90, 0.9 (open comb), 1.18 mm) - 4 item,
  3. Handle of the DE razor "Muhla" - 1 item,
  4. Warranty certificate (card) - 1 item,
  5. Package - 1 item.

Lifetime warranty:

All «HomeLikeShaving» goods come with a lifetime warranty. Any manufacturing fault and possible defects in material are covered by warranty. Product warranty does not cover damages caused by user’s mistake and potential changes in visual appearance of final finish. In the event of any manufacturing defect you can exchange or return goods. For this purpose please contact the manufacturer or consult your dealer.

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Reviews - FULL KIT DE razor "START" (polished)

Алексей Иванович

Отличный станок, пользуюсь больше года. Хорошо успел купить в прошлом году на Новый год.

Subscriber john rutkowsky

like to say thanks for sending me a new box for my start full razor kit and my sample of dejavu and the shave soap samples i have 4 de razors before i decided to buy the start full razor kit and gotta say its amazing razor keep up the good work thanks john rutkowsky

Ferruccio Macchi

Dopo aver visto su vari siti di youtuber dedicati alla rasatura tradizionale, ho deciso di acquistare questo rasoio full kit, semplicemente meraviglioso, ogni parola è superflua, bisogna possederlo per capire come è ben fatto e ho provato a radermi con tutte le piastre, semplicemente divino. Questo START l'ho acquistato ad aprile 2020, il 08 agosto 2020 ho ordinato anche COLIBRÌ FULL KIT più piastra open comb GAP 1,30, sono certo che non rimarrò deluso.

Jeremy D

Absolutely great razor. The weight is perfect. Box and presentation are the best. I see this razor being passed on to my children when it’s my time to go. Thank you Home Like Shaving for producing one of the best razors on the planet.

Praveen Bhavaraju

I have purchased this razor kit recently after having gone through some YouTube reviews. This razor is excellent in performance and very smooth. I did not feel the blade even with 1.18 blade gap. But 0.90mm base plate is the best among all. I will put this razor in the top list along with Fatboy,wolfman and Karve razors.

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