Shave bowl (black - white)

Shave bowl (black - white)
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Ceramic shave bowl for making shave lather. Handmade by Dmitri Oliferenko. Due to the bigger diameter of the standing part of the bowl, it is easier to handle the bowl in hand. Due to the natural materials, the bowl holds the temperature perfectly and due to its shape, perfect for making a lather.

Technical characteristics:

  • Bowl Height (total): 90 mm,
  • Handle Height: 30 mm,
  • Depth: 55 mm,
  • Diameter (inner/outer): 125/140 mm,
  • Weight: 355 gramm,
  • Material: Ceramic,
  • Coating: Glazed,
  • Brend: Olifirenko Pottery (Russia, Omsk).

Tags: DE razor, Shave bowl


чаша понравилась, мыло muhle встало в середину идеально (есть специальное углубление в центре под мыло). В руке держать удобно.

Алексей Мичкарев

Приятная, красивая, тёплая, рабочая весч.

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