Aftershave lotion DEJAVU - 300ml

Aftershave lotion DEJAVU - 300ml
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Composition from HomeLikeShaving - the biggest youtube channel about shaving in Russia Federation. Aftershave lotion DEJAVU came out due to the many year's experiences and big love to the wet shaving. You will appreciate natural composition, unique aroma and soothing capability of the lotion. The composition opens up with pleasant fir cones, needles, forest herbs with a touch of cinnamon and nostalgia for the new year.

Technical characteristics:

  • Ingredients: Alcohol desaturate, siberian fir kidney infusion, infusion of hazel, aromatic composition, potassium alum, glycerin, water.
  • Attention: only for external use, residue maybe observed, shake well before use.
  • Bottle:glass bottle with no dispenser 300 ml.
  • Brend: HomeLikeShaving (Russia, Omsk).

Tags: Shave cosmetics, Aftershave lotion, DEJAVU

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