TDS "Cream: menthol" shaving soap, 100ml

TDS "Cream: menthol" shaving soap, 100ml
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Description - TDS "Cream: menthol" shaving soap, 100ml

Shaving soap TDS "Cream: menthol" - 100% environmentally friendly cosmetics from Belarus without parabens, synthetics and chemicals. Creates the canonical "Santa Claus's beard": after whipping, the foam is applied tightly and without gaps. The product provides excellent razor's gliding with the option of a comfortable finish. The foam gives a tangible "chilling" effect on the skin. Shaving soap TDS "Cream: menthol" smells of natural menthol, it is felt with a "cool" and without a chemical shade. The concentration of aroma is moderate.

Consumer Information

  • Ingredients: potassium and sodium salts of fatty acids of vegetable oils (coconut, shea, cocoa) and their unsaponifiable parts, shungite water, stearic acid, menthol, glycerin, citric acid, avocado oil.
  • Packing: 100 ml plastic jar.
  • Producer: TDS Cosmetics (Belarus, Vitebsk).

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