TDS "Set: Summer.Menthol" shaving soap

TDS "Set: Summer.Menthol" shaving soap
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Description - TDS "Set: Summer.Menthol" shaving soap

TDS "Set: Summer.Menthol" - a set of 7 shaving soaps from the Belarusian manufacturer TDS Cosmetics. The soaps are distinguished by the characteristic aroma of menthol (content from 3 to 8.5%) and the effect of cooling the skin. The foam from the samples is thick, dense, covering; with excellent slip performance and sufficient post slip performance. Soaps are created with vegetable oils that care for the skin.
As a bonus, the set includes 2 samples of cosmetic facial soaps. All products are made from natural ingredients (safe for health). 
Soaps of the set are created according to the new, improved formula A19 Cream: April: 19 (delicate). On first unpacking, the aroma and menthol trail are strong. Just put the samples apart, remove the packaging and let the soap breathe so that the concentration of aromas and menthol comes to optimal values.

Soap set:

  1. Mega-menthol with anise.
  2. Citrus menthol.
  3. Menthol-eucalyptus.
  4. Menthol-ylang-jasmine.
  5. Notes of native lilac.
  6. Coal-black.
  7. Lavender woody-resinous.

Consumer Information

  • Ingredients: potassium and sodium salts of fatty acids of vegetable oils (Shea, coconut, cocoa, castor) and their unsaponified parts, shungite water, stearic acid, vegetable glycerin, menthol, glycine, aloe Vera gel, unrefined jojoba oil, sorbitol, kaolin, hydroxyethylcellulose, sea salt, silk, allantoin, titanium dioxide, Cetearyl alcohol, beeswax, citric acid, lactic acid, d-limonene, vitamin e, essential oil composition.
  • Packing: cardboard box with 15 and 7 g soaps in washers.
  • Manufacturer: TDS Cosmetics (Belarus, Vitebsk).

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