TDS "Set: Summer.Menthol.Three formulas" shaving soap

TDS "Set: Summer.Menthol.Three formulas" shaving soap
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TDS "Set: Summer.Menthol.Three formulas" shaving soap - 4 cult soaps and two samplers-lotions from the Belarusian company TDS at once. The set is created with menthol for summer: each soap pleasantly refreshes and cools the skin. Technical and operational characteristics of all samples at height. The foam is dense, covering, with excellent glide and economical consumption. 
Shaving soap TDS "Set: Summer.Menthol.Three formulas" - the opportunity to choose your favourite, to re-evaluate cosmetics with menthol and make shaving super comfortable.

Set containing

  1. TDS "Cream: Sandalwood note  + menthol 1%", 22 g;
  2. TDS "Cream: Native lilacNotes  + menthol 1%", 22 g;
  3. TDS "Cream: Lano Patchouli: Vetiver + menthol 1%", 22 g;
  4. TDS "Cream: Anise with menthol 2%", 22 g;
  5. alcohol lotion "Patchouli: Vetiver", 6ml;
  6. alcohol lotion "Kayaput: Guryunsky balm", 6ml.

Consumer Information

  • Lotions are made using 30% alcohol.
  • Packing: cardboard box.
  • Manufacturer: TDS Cosmetics (Belarus, Vitebsk).

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