Adjustable razor-slant "ELBRUS" TITANIUM BT3-1 (polish)

Adjustable razor-slant "ELBRUS" TITANIUM BT3-1 (polish)
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Description - Adjustable razor-slant "ELBRUS" TITANIUM BT3-1 (polish)

The place of power is Elbrus!

"Elbrus" is the world's first factory-made safety razor made of titanium with the option of adjusting the shaving efficiency. The razor has seven adjustment positions that can be increased to ten. This is an incredibly wide range of aggressiveness, providing a comfortable shave for everyone. There are no vibrations in the razor at all. This is ensured by reliable fixation of the blade along the entire length and torsion bending of the razor itself at an angle of 7’44. All information and marks on the razor are laser engraved. Adjustment is provided by rotating a special ring. A new special notch pattern has been applied to the handle of the Elbrus razor, which allows you to securely hold the razor in your hand.

Attention: Do not use abrasive detergents! They can degrade the appearance of the razor.

Technical device

  • top cover,
  • medium plate,
  • reinforced stainless steel spring,
  • bottom plate of closed type,
  • shaving aggressiveness adjustment ring (with left thread),
  • razor handle (with left thread),
  • screw for fixing the upper cover of the razor.

Technical specifications

  • GAP adjustment range: from 0,5mm (exposure -0,15 mm) to 1.8 mm. 
  • Material of manufacture: titanium BT3-1.
  • The height of the razor is 93,5 mm.
  • The width of the head is 25,5 mm.
  • The length of the head is 43,2 mm.
  • The length of the handle is 85 mm.
  • The handle diameter is 12 mm.
  • Razor Weight: 58 gr.
  • Finish coating: polishing.
  • Brand: HomeLikeShaving (Russia, Omsk).

Delivery and payment

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Lifetime warranty

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Reviews - Adjustable razor-slant "ELBRUS" TITANIUM BT3-1 (polish)

Карен Кобаевич Айдинян

Внешний вид-вне всякой похвалы. Просто очень красиво.
Необычно лёгкий(титан, все таки). Бритье очень мягкое, комфортное, неагрессивное при правильно подобранном Гапе. Здесь надо поэкспериментировать самому. В процессе бритья менял позиции несколько раз. Ещё раз: бритва очень красивая, очень комфортная и деликатная в бритье при правильно подобранных регулировках(здесь советом никто не поможет, только сам). Результат-полный BBS.


Получилась отличная бритва!

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