DE razor "COLIBRI"

DE razor "COLIBRI"
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Description - DE razor "COLIBRI"

"COLIBRI" is a new stainless steel safety razor from "HomeLikeShaving", a continuation of the popular "START" razor. 
The design and construction of the model is a triumph of aesthetics, minimalism and true Old School. The bottom plate is 40 mm long, and the gap between the blade and plate edges is reduced for a comfortable shave in difficult areas.  On the edges of the guard, there are special bevels (for even more efficient work in hard-to-reach places). Such were the cult models of the past.

Other functional solutions in construction

  • the slab is thin, graceful and neat (the thickness of the slab and the guard is reduced, the total length of the head);
  • a special groove is made for the safety o-ring so that the razor does not get scratched;
  • the slots for the blade retainers are through, and the length of the retainers is designed so that they are flush - this is a significant bonus to the aesthetics of the razor;
  • the information on the bottom plates is engraved by milling with a groove depth of 0.35 mm.

"COLIBRI" distinctive feature - GAP for different shaving types and styles 

  • 0.80 - for everyday shaving and mild razors lovers;
  • 1.10 - medium aggressive razor for shaving every 2-3 days (when there is no time to shave more often);
  • 1.30 - aggressive shaving razor every 3-4 days. For owners of sensitive skin combined with hard bristles. You can shave as efficiently as possible for a minimum number of passes;
  • 1.50 - for hardcore and super-clean shave enthusiasts. Often such a razor will not work, but each session will bring a special feeling. With GAP 1.50, you should carefully observe the technique of shaving. 

Technical parameters

  1. Lower plate aggressiveness GAP (optional): 0.80 SB, 1.10 SB, 1.30 SB, 1.30 OC, 1.50 SB (SB - solid bar; OC - open comb).
  2. Manufacturing material: stainless steel AISI 316.
  3. The size of the top plate (cap): 40 x 19 mm.
  4. The size of the bottom plate: 40 x 25.5 mm.
  5. Handle sizes: 90 x 12 mm.
  6. The weight of the razor in the collection: 102 grams.
  7. Finishing coating: polished.
  8. Manufacturer: HomeLikeShaving (Russia, Omsk).

Kit includes

  • Top plate (cover) - 1 piece;
  • Lower plate (optional) - 1 piece;
  • Handle for the DE razors "COLIBRI" - 1 piece;
  • Guarantee certificate (card) - 1 piece;
  • Package - 1 piece.

Delivery and payment

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Lifetime warranty

"HomeLikeShaving" products come with a lifetime warranty. The guarantee covers manufacturing or material defects. The guarantee does not apply to damage caused by improper use, as well as to the finishing coating of the product. In the event of a manufacturing defect, you can contact the manufacturer directly or at the place where the product is purchased to make a return or exchange of the product.

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Reviews - DE razor "COLIBRI"


I purchased the Colibri with the 0.8mm plate. Delivery was fast and the package arrived in perfect condition. The Colibri is by far the best shave I have ever had. Although the blade gap is relatively large compared to other razors, the shave is very smooth and you can barely feel the blade. It is very efficient. However I feel that I would like to try the 1.1mm plate.
The handle is very "grippy" and it will not slip even if you have soap on your hands.
This is a relatively heavy razor and that is what I was looking for. It is perfectly balanced.
I normally shave with a Muhle R95 or a Rockwell 6S (plate 4 or 5) and I am a daily shaver. The Colibri (for me) gives a smoother shave and it is now my daily shaver.

Владимир М

Купил станок с гапом 0.80. Прекрасен для ежедневного применения, как, собственно говоря, планировали авторы. Ни в чем, на мой взгляд, не уступает своим именитым зарубежным собратьям. Использовал с лезвиями Mercur и синей. Астрой. С мылом ТДС станок показал отличное скольжение. Действительно цепкая ручкая с удачным балансом. "Угрожающий", на первый взгляд, вылет совершенно не мешает получению отличного результата. Спасибо команде под руководством Вадима Викторовича Ивановна за высокий уровень марки "сделано в России". Это большой успех из которого, в то числе, формируется уважение к отечественной марке!

Сергей Сергеевич

Станок более чем элегантен и удобен. Прекрасная отделка, изящные формы. Бреет волшебно! Еще не держал в руках столь изящного инструмента! Спасибо создателям! Так держать!

Филипп Алексеев

Живу в штате Вашингтоне ( Сиэтл).
Заказал этот станок, пару дней назад получил. Все очень профессионально запечатано и доставлено .
Очень довольный этим станком , идеальная работа. Горжусь что это сделано в России

Василий Николаевич

Станок не понравился. Оговорюсь, это относится только к плите 1.10, ручка же - удача! Классная! Просто нет слов, как нравится. Плита на получилась. От слова совсем. Не мой вариант. Низкая эффективность бритья, независимо от лезвия, комфорта , вообще никакого. Честно, в течение 1,5 месяцев пытался адаптироваться к станку, - не вышло!

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