DE razor "START" (polished)

DE razor "START" (polished)
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Description - DE razor "START" (polished)

HomeLikeShaving is proud to offer you the result of our cooperation with engineers, shave enthusiast, people interested in the development of wet shaving, the Brand new DE razor "START". Taking into account individual peculiarities, type and skin condition, stubbles, we propose different "START" DE razor parameters by changing the plate type. In the range of distance from 0.69 up to 1.18 between the plate and the DE blade which covers all the requirements bigger part of the users.

Technical characteristics:

  • Lower plate aggression "GAP" (optional): 0.69, 0.90, 0.90 (open comb), 1.18 мм, 1.18 (open comb),
  • Material: stainless steel AISI 316,
  • Size of the Upper plate (cap): 43.2 mm x 19 mm,
  • Size of the Lower plate: 43.2 mm х 25.5 mm,
  • Handle size: length 82 mm, diameter 12 mm,
  • Weight of the razor: 105 gramm,
  • Coating: polished,
  • Brand: HomeLikeShaving (Russia, Omsk).


  1. Upper plate (cap) - 1 item,
  2. Lower plate (optional) - 1 item,
  3. Handle of the DE razor "Muhla" - 1 item,
  4. Warranty certificate (card) - 1 item,
  5. Package - 1 item.

Lifetime warranty:

All «HomeLikeShaving» goods come with a lifetime warranty. Any manufacturing fault and possible defects in material are covered by warranty. Product warranty does not cover damages caused by user’s mistake and potential changes in visual appearance of final finish. In the event of any manufacturing defect you can exchange or return goods. For this purpose please contact the manufacturer or consult your dealer.

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Reviews - DE razor "START" (polished)

Александр Погорельский

сегодня только получил, ох и сложно мне далось ожидание, ибо не брился исключительно ради старта, взял окрытый 1.18, открыл коробку - это конечно восторг, такой подгонки деталей я не видел..фабрика и рядом не стоит. сегодня буду бриться! ура!

Gat rugnus

Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo.
Dai primi utilizzi, usata senza spingere, la piastra da 1.18 risulta aggressiva senza mai arrivare ad irritare.


Very efficient razor, 1.18 with narrow cap. Quality product with moderate price.


High quality and beautiful polished razor. I took the 0.90 closed gap and I us it as my daily shaver. Smooth and efficient in the same time.


I bought a Start with a 1.18 gap and a 0.90 gap plate, I can say that I love this razor. Deep (0.90mm gap), but delicate. The build quality is exceptional and the sales package is very accurate. The 1.18mm gap plate is very effective but remains very gentle on my skin. Definitely a must have for anyone who wants a high level product at an absolutely reasonable price. After purchasing and using this razor, I have put away most of the razors I own. I owe my best shave to this simply perfect razor.

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