Cosmetics and shaving products

Men's cosmetics - care products, shaving products that turn the “household” process into a professional hair removal ritual. The cosmetics are designed for experienced and novice users of DE safety razors. The series of products take into account different skin types, men personal needs. Thanks to natural formulas, irritation is minimized and cuts are healed. Before shaving, cosmetics prepares the skin and stubble, during - it helps to shave smoothly and cleanly, after - it creates a correct, healing effect for the skin and a beautiful face.
Cosmetics appeared in the 17th century in England - modern products in no way deprive a man of masculinity. The latest production technologies ensured natural products' composition. Inexpensive products make shaving comfortable and easy, and the masculine look is classic and attractive to the female.

Men's cosmetics types 

The catalogue contains selected products of Belarusian (TDS Cosmetics) and Russian (HomeLikeShaving) production with a pleasant price. The means will "guide" a man from preparing to shave to putting the finishing touches after it. Correct men's cosmetics varieties:

  • Pre-shaves before shaving - oils for beard and skin with care properties.
  • Aftershave lotions - alcohol and alcohol-free products to restore the epidermis, heal, and give the face a natural colour.
  • Shaving soaps - classic washers and sticks with natural aromas for quick, dense foam with excellent glide.
  • Shaving creams - are an economical shaving product in a convenient form factor with caring ingredients.
  • Aluminum - potassium alum is a natural remedy, an alternative to lotions and balms for healing and refreshing the skin after a shaving ritual.

The online store presents products of its production and popular lines of the TDS brand. Means for each man and different conditions, a full description of each product in the cards, delivery in Russia and around the world. Use the site interface to buy proven cosmetics and get advice from professionals!