DE razor "BAIKAL-2" (ABS)
In Stock Product Code: BKL2-ABS
The plastic version of the Baikal 2 safety razor is a budget option with a durable metal thread. The..
DE razor "BAIKAL-2" (AISI 316L - satin)
Expected Product Code: BKL2-ST-SAT
A new «HomeLikeShaving» produced DE shaving safety razor called “Baikal-2” i..
DE razor "BAIKAL-2" (AISI 316L - machine polishing)
In Stock Product Code: BKL2-ST-POL
A new «HomeLikeShaving» produced DE shaving safety razor called “Baikal -2” ..
DE razor stand d14
Expected Product Code: ST-STAND
Perfect add to your razor. The stand is made out of stainless steel AISI 316. Technical character..
Plastic Nylon Washer (5 pcs)
In Stock Product Code: PNW
The plastic nylon washer is designed to absorb vibration during the shipping process and avoid unwin..
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