Pre-shave oils and creams

Preshave is a cosmetic product that prepares the bristles for shaving and cares for the skin. Beard oil helps relieve irritation and soothes dry and sensitive skin. With Preshave, the risk of injury decreases, and the consequences of mistakes become less critical. For beginners who use razors from different angles, this is a great help. The oil will improve the sliding of the blade over the skin. The Preshave superior care characteristics are complemented by the qualities of creams, soaps and lotions to maximize the comfort of the machine. A few drops are enough for application - cosmetics are beneficial to use.

Belarusian Preshave from TDS

The online store presents a popular Belarusian-made ASHCHE beard oil. Made from natural ingredients, it smells like musk and citrus. Apply quickly to create a thin film for a quality and enjoyable shave. 
You can buy inexpensive and effective pre-shave cosmetics in a few clicks. Delivery of goods in Russia and around the world. 

TDS ASHCHE pre-shave oil / beard oil, 30ml
Expected Product Code: TDS-PM-ASHE
Pre-shave oil TDS ASHCHE (beard oil) - natural cosmetics from the Belarusian manufacturer TDS. Pre-s..
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