Shaving brush HLS Pink Synthetic (F14) 24 mm

Shaving brush HLS Pink Synthetic (F14) 24 mm
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Description - Shaving brush HLS Pink Synthetic (F14) 24 mm

Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot - Angry and simple, inexpensive and effective. It is easy to use, does not require special drying: after shaving, it is enough to rinse and dry with a towel. You can store the shaving brush with a synthetic knot in any position.
Despite the non-premium, synthetic bristles successfully interact with any soap and create an excellent foam for a clean shave.
Synthetic brush knot is the best option for most men, creates a good amount of foam and is pleasant to work with.. A non-aggressive pile with a columnar finish is used. The knot characteristics are optimal (softness, elasticity - all with average values). With it will be comfortable working daily on normal and sensitive skin.
The handle for the brush is made of polyacetal, a high performance thermoplastic.

Technical parameters

  • Handle material: polyacetal,
  • Knot material: synthetic,
  • Knot size: 24 mm,
  • Hair length: 55 mm,
  • Handle diameter: 40 mm,
  • Handle height: 60 mm,
  • Total height: 115 mm,
  • Total weight: 95 gr,
  • Manufacturer: HomeLikeShaving (Russia, Omsk).

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Александр Стецко

Кончики волокон чем-то напоминают натуральный ворс, имеют уточнения на концах. За счёт этого лицо не колет, работать им приятно. Давольно мягкий.

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