Shaving brush HLS White Synthetic (F3) 24 mm

Shaving brush HLS White Synthetic (F3) 24 mm
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Description - Shaving brush HLS White Synthetic (F3) 24 mm

Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot - Angry and simple, inexpensive and effective. It is easy to use, does not require special drying: after shaving, it is enough to rinse and dry with a towel. You can store the shaving brush with a synthetic knot in any position.
Despite the non-premium, synthetic bristles successfully interact with any soap and create an excellent foam for a clean shave.
A white synthetic brush knot is the best option for most men. A non-aggressive pile with a columnar finish is used. The knot characteristics are optimal (softness, elasticity - all with average values). With it will be comfortable working daily on normal and sensitive skin. 
The handle for the brush from the birch burl is a product with a natural, memorable pattern. The burl is formed as an outgrowth on a tree, and inside it, lines, spots, inclusions and patterns are intricately intertwined. In the Russian Empire, caskets and decorative items for the nobles were made from processed burl.
The burl handle is beautiful and durable. Each piece is CNC-milled, stabilized and oil-impregnated to increase durability.

Technical parameters

  • Handle material: birch burl,
  • Knot material: synthetic,
  • Knot size: 24 mm,
  • Hair length: 56 mm,
  • Handle diameter: 38 mm,
  • Handle height: 69 mm,
  • Total height: 125 mm,
  • Total weight: 80 gr,
  • Manufacturer: HomeLikeShaving (Russia, Omsk).

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