LORD Platinum Double Edge (DE) Razor Blades, 5pcs

LORD Platinum Double Edge (DE) Razor Blades, 5pcs
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Description - LORD Platinum Double Edge (DE) Razor Blades, 5pcs

LORD Platinum - blades from the famous Egyptian brand for any DE razors. The “Platinum” Series has won awards in Africa. The platinum coating of the blades is not inferior in quality to the coating of the Japanese Feather and the famous Astra. Very sharp but at the same time comfortable blades for the skin.
In the skilful hands of LORD Platinum in the "beast" (Muhle R41) in one cut removes the thickest and toughest bristles. Maximum shaving with minimal trauma.
Attention: the final result of shaving depends on the sharpness of the blade itself, the aggressiveness parameters of the machine and the type of skin. In very aggressive DE razors, LORD Platinum becomes extremely sharp - experience is essential for a smooth shave. Use medium aggressive machines if your bristles are not the toughest.

  • The price is for 1 package (the number of blades in the package is 5 pcs.).
  • Producer: LORD International.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • the manufacturer guarantees high quality shaving while observing the instructions for use, transportation and storage conditions;
  • blades has an unlimited shelf life.

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