RAPIRA Platinum Lux Double Edge (DE) Razor Blades, 5pcs

RAPIRA Platinum Lux Double Edge (DE) Razor Blades, 5pcs
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ПАО «Мосточлегмаш» Brand: ПАО «Мосточлегмаш»
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RAPIRA Platinum Lux - bilateral blades of soft aggressiveness from the Russian Mostochlegmash plant with a 100-year history. Stainless steel model - corrosion-resistant and shaving stiff bristles. The blade has three cutting edge coatings at once:

  1. Platinum - guarantees durability.
  2. Chrome - a clean shave without skin irritation.
  3. Teflon - comfortable sliding.

RAPIRA Platinum Lux - time-tested, inexpensive blades for any safety DE razor. 
Attention: the final result of shaving depends on the sharpness of the blade itself, the aggressiveness parameters of the machine and the type of skin.

  • The price is for 1 package (the number of blades in the package is 5 pcs.).
  • Manufacturer: PJSC Mostochlegmash.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • the manufacturer guarantees high quality shaving while observing the instructions for use, transportation and storage conditions;
  • blades has an unlimited shelf life.

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