SPUTNIK Stainless Double Edge (DE) Razor Blades, 5pcs

SPUTNIK Stainless Double Edge (DE) Razor Blades, 5pcs
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Description - SPUTNIK Stainless Double Edge (DE) Razor Blades, 5pcs

SPUTNIK Teflon - Russian-made DE razor blades popular in the West. High-quality blades with high sharpness (close to Japanese FEATHER). Teflon edge coating provides a smooth ride and a clean-cut hard hair.
SPUTNIK Teflon's specialty is its "evil" character: the blades do not forgive beginners for inexperience, and connoisseurs for neglect of technology. You don’t need to be afraid of Sputnik: it’s enough to work carefully and choose a DE razor to suit your needs and features of the bristles.
Attention: the final result of shaving depends on the sharpness of the blade itself, the aggressiveness parameters of the machine and the type of skin. In very aggressive razors, use SPUTNIK Teflon only with the shaving technique supplied! Blades can be placed in razors of moderate aggressiveness if the bristles are not extremely stiff.

  • The price is for 1 package (the number of blades in the package is 5 pcs.).
  • Producer: Gillette

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • the manufacturer guarantees high quality shaving while observing the instructions for use, transportation and storage conditions;
  • blades has an unlimited shelf life.

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Reviews - SPUTNIK Stainless Double Edge (DE) Razor Blades, 5pcs


Από τις ποιο καλές και κοφτερές λεπίδες στην αγορά.


Мои любимые лезвия. Острые как физер, а стоят сущие копейки. Разумеется в таком соотношении цена качество оценка может быть только пять с плюсом.


Фото "спутник нержавейка", текст про тефлон((( лезвия отличные, хотя с характеристикой от Вас, несогласен.

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