DE razor "START-2" open comb (machine polishing)

DE razor "START-2" open comb (machine polishing)
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Description - DE razor "START-2" open comb (machine polishing)

DE razor "START-2", from the company HomeLikeShaving, is the next stage in the development of the first version of the razor "START". The "START-2" series has an updated design without changing the main geometry of the razor, an extended range of aggressiveness to the most comfortable value, and the handle has been replaced for a modern format. "START-2" remains a universal tool for the mass user, covering the basic needs of the segment in the best way.

Lower plate gap 0.90 mm
It is smooth and calm plate in shaving. Perfect start for the beginners, perfect for everyday shaving without irritation and redness on the skin.

Lower plate gap 1.20 mm
Medium aggression type plate. Perfect choice for 2-3 days stubble.

Lower plate gap 1.40 mm
Medium aggression type plate. Perfect choice for 3-4 days stubble.

Lower plate gap 1.70 mm
The most aggressive plate but at the same time smooth and gives comfortable shaving experience. Most effective sharing with less blade pass over the stubbles in comparison with the plates 1.20 and 1.40 mm. The most efficient plate in the proposed set. Shave every 4-5 days.

Technical characteristics:

  • Lower plate aggression "GAP" (optional): 0.90, 1.20, 1.40, 1.70 mm,
  • Material: stainless steel AISI 316L,
  • Size of the Upper plate (cap): 43.2 mm x 18.8 mm,
  • Size of the Lower plate: 43.2 mm х 25.5 mm,
  • Handle size: length 95 mm, diameter max 14 mm / min 9 mm,
  • Weight of the razor: 110 gramm,
  • Coating: machine polishing (without manual processing),
  • Brand: HomeLikeShaving (Russia, Omsk).


  1. Upper plate (cap) - 1 item,
  2. Lower plate (optional) - 1 item,
  3. Handle of the DE razor - 1 item,
  4. Warranty certificate (card) - 1 item,
  5. Package - 1 item.

Lifetime warranty:

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Reviews - DE razor "START-2" open comb (machine polishing)

Константин Кириенко

Отличный станок, приобрел, доставили быстро, качеством очень доволен, позже приобретал ряд позиций : ручки, нижние плиты разных размеров, а так же косметику до и после бритья, от дежавю просто в восторге, хочу поблагодарить ребят за то ,что они делают , очень приятно и радостно, что наконец-то мы производим качественные вещи у себя в стране. Успехов Вам и Удачи!

Сергей Сорокин

Хороший станок без излишеств. Я доволен!!!

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