TDS "Ylang" aftershave lotion (alcoholic), 100ml

TDS "Ylang" aftershave lotion (alcoholic), 100ml
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Description - TDS "Ylang" aftershave lotion (alcoholic), 100ml

Aftershave lotion "Ylang" from the TDS company is a classic alcohol product with excellent care qualities. Fast cleansing effect, healing of micro cuts and saturation of the skin with nutrients with a touch of aloe vera. The lotion burns easily, but does not tighten. Lactic acid keeps the skin naturally smooth and supple.
Lotion "Ylang" - the harmony of the mysterious sweetness of ylang-ylang. In the aromatic range there are ghosts of jasmine and neroli with a calm character. A warm, slightly romantic bouquet for men who are not afraid to be different.

Information for the consumer

  • Ingredients: water, absolute isopropyl alcohol (cosmetic), aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, capryl glucoside, lactic acid, essential oils composition, fragrances
  • Packing: 100 ml glass bottle.
  • Producer: TDS Cosmetics (Belarus, Vitebsk).

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