TDS PATCHOULI:VETIVER aftershave lotion (alcoholic), 100ml

TDS PATCHOULI:VETIVER aftershave lotion (alcoholic), 100ml
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Description - TDS PATCHOULI:VETIVER aftershave lotion (alcoholic), 100ml

Alcoholic after shave lotion Patchouli:Vetiver is a cosmetics of the TDS company with a drying effect on the skin. Safe isopropyl alcohol heals minor cuts and stops bleeding, hydrolats and other natural ingredients take care of the facial skin. The lotion evens out the effects of shaving and creates a beautiful aromatic sillage. The handy dispenser makes the use comfortable and economical.
Recommended for normal to oily skin. The concentration of alcohol is low: the lotion burns canonically, but it does it delicately.
Lotion aroma Patchouli:Vetiver is created from warm Oriental accents, masculine musky chords and soft scents of tropical plant oils.

Consumer Information

  • Ingredients: shungite water, absolute isopropyl (cosmetic) alcohol (30%), lavender hydrolate, vegetable tincture, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, potassium alum, green tea extract, lactic acid, composition of essential oils.
  • Capacity: 100 ml glass bottle with a spray dispenser or a lid with a dispenser.
  • Manufacturer: TDS Cosmetics (Belarus, Vitebsk).

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Reviews - TDS PATCHOULI:VETIVER aftershave lotion (alcoholic), 100ml

Максим Матасов

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