TDS "Ylang" shaving soap, 85gr

TDS "Ylang" shaving soap, 85gr
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Description - TDS "Ylang" shaving soap, 85gr

Shaving soap "Ylang" from the company "TDS" - 100% natural men's cosmetics. The newest formula D21 "Slippery Foam" - unsurpassed glide and the best care properties. The foam is dense, opaque, without bubbles, with a yoghurt texture. When whipping with less water, the maximum protective effect is achieved. The soap hydrates and nourishes the skin, reducing the need for aftershaves.
Shaving soap "Ylang" reveals the fluttering scent of a flower that combines notes of jasmine and neroli. A warm, soothing bouquet adds a magical aura of attraction to the image of a man.

Information for the consumer

  • Ingredients: stearic acid, potassium and sodium salts of fatty acids of vegetable oils (shea, cocoa, coconut), water, vegetable glycerin, coco-glucoside, glyceryl oleate, unrefined jojoba oil, sodium cocoyl isethionate, cetyl alcohol, sorbitol, sodium lactate, xanthan gum, vitamin E, D-Panthenol, composition of essential oils.
  • Packing: plastic jar 85 gr.
  • Producer: TDS Cosmetics (Belarus, Vitebsk).

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Reviews - TDS "Ylang" shaving soap, 85gr


Это не просто мыло, это уже магия какая-то. Самое приятное в работе мыло из всех, которые я пробовал, крайне предсказуемое.

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