TDS "Sea of ​​Inspiration" shaving soap, 85gr

TDS "Sea of ​​Inspiration" shaving soap, 85gr
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Description - TDS "Sea of ​​Inspiration" shaving soap, 85gr

Shaving soap "Sea of ​​Inspiration" - natural cosmetics from the Belarusian company "TDS". Suitable for all skin types. The soap is made according to the latest formula D21 "Creamy foam". Whipping with plenty of water forms a foam with a slightly runny consistency for maximum care and glide. A smaller volume of liquid will help create a dense "foam glaze" for better protection of sensitive skin.
Shaving soap "Sea of ​​Inspiration" creates a light aromatic plume. The composition combines the breath of the sea breeze, the smell of freedom and the warmth of the coastal sun. A calm, sophisticated fragrance for everyday shaving.

Information for the consumer

  • Ingredients: stearic acid, potassium and sodium salts of fatty acids of vegetable oils (shea, cocoa, coconut), water, vegetable glycerin, coco-glucoside, glyceryl oleate, unrefined jojoba oil, sodium cocoyl isethionate, cetyl alcohol, sorbitol, sodium lactate, xanthan gum, vitamin E, D-Panthenol, composition of essential oils.
  • Packing: plastic jar 85 gr.
  • Producer: TDS Cosmetics (Belarus, Vitebsk).

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